Leaving Breadcrumbs: A Poem

The title of my blog is not merely a reference to a slightly terrifying children’s fable.  It is a reminder that you can still keep your roots close to heart while exploring unfamiliar territories.  I wrote a poem to better explain my interpretation of “leaving breadcrumbs,” and why I encourage others to follow suit, to embrace life with no hesitation.  In practice, breadcrumbs may come in many forms—photos of home on the wall of a college dorm room, a collection of postcards from encounters with new cities, or simply sunny memories stored away for rainy days.  In essence, they allow one to feel free to move on in life without forgetting where they’ve been.

Apparently you are what you eat
In that case, I want to consume spontaneity
I want to subsist on boldness and tenacity
And always have leftover confidence in my fridge
Should I ever need an extra boost

I am ravenous—for sights unseen and experiences untasted
Some say adventure should be sipped, not swallowed at a gulp
But you can't always order life experiences à la carte

Sometimes life is more like an all-you-can-eat buffet
A make-your-own burrito stuffed with surprises and challenges
A cup filled with all the sodas in the soda fountain—
A myriad of flavors that may confuse the palate
But which somehow work well together

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew
I am one sandwich short of a picnic
My bread falls buttered side down

But I will never lose my zest for life
When I find myself walking on eggshells
I remind myself to take criticism with a pinch of salt
I will never be everyone's cup of tea
But I can certainly be the apple of my own eye

They say a watched pot never boils
But initiative may be a greater virtue than patience
Only one person can eat the last cookie in the cookie jar

So here is my food for thought:
When you face a fork in the road,
Leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you
So that if ever you are lost among the wild oats
You may remember why your appetite
Was so strong to begin with

One thought on “Leaving Breadcrumbs: A Poem

  1. Andre Lesperance says:

    It’s remarkable how much you’ve “grown” in the past two years!
    I support your zest for life experience but offer the caution that there are always dark corners in every (new) room. Make sure you keep a sense of awareness of your surroundings.
    In the meantime I will look forward to your blog releases with anticipation!


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